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Phase 3: Scanning and Digitisation

As part of my 2020 Fryer Library Fellowship I was fortunate to have the assistance of a number of specialist teams within The University of Queensland who assisted me in basic scanning or professionally digitising material in three tranches.

The first tranche was material to be scanned for private research purposes only, and largely consists of marginalia in material that was not authored by Richard Routley/Sylvan (marked in red below). As such, no copyright clearances were sought since much of this material was authored by third parties and merely held by Richard Sylvan. For completeness, although I am not in a position to publish or exhibit that material, I have made a dynamic record of my notes of this archival research process publicly-available, such that the data changes asynchronously over time as new information becomes available. 

The second tranche includes marginalia that was authored by Richard Sylvan inside or on the works of others. This material was largely photographed for private-use only by myself (marked in amber below), with some material scanned by others on my behalf at The University of Queensland's Library and Archives Services. 

The third-and final-tranche includes material held under copyright of the Literary Estate of Richard Sylvan. With the assistance of The University of Queensland's Library and Archives Services Digitisation Team, this material was scanned and added to The University of Queensland's institutional repository, eSpace, effectively publishing the material following copyright clearance (marked in green below). This was done in compliance with accepted standards and practices for digital capture, storage, preservation and access. 

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