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Recommended Secondary Literature

The following list is not exhaustive. If you are aware of a text that is omitted, please notify me: 

Hyde, Dominic. 2001. “Richard (Routley) Sylvan: Writings on Logic and Metaphysics.” History and Philosophy of Logic 22 (4): 181–205. [LINK

———. 2009. “Two in the Bush: The Environmental Philosophy of Val Routley/Plumwood and Richard Routley/Sylvan.” Southerly 69 (1): 57–78. [LINK

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———. 2015b. "Explorations in Antipodean nuclear thinking: Val Routley/Plumwood and Richard Routley/Sylvan." Paper presented at The Seed Box: Environmental Humanities Collaboratory and The Posthumanities Hub seminar series. Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden. September 20, 2015. [PDF available on request] 

———. 2018a. "The Problem of Nuclear Harm for Andrew Linklater, Lorraine Elliott and Other Contemporary Cosmopolitans." Global Society 32 (1): 111-126. [LINK

———. 2018b. "The Problem of Nuclear Harm: An Ethical Ecology" Thesis submitted in fulfilment of a PhD at The University of Queensland. Brisbane, Australia. December 2018. [PDF available on request]