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Phase 5: Website and Exhibit Building [underway ~December 2021]

The current phase, Phase 5, involvesrefiningindividual entries for digitised items, as well asorganising each into three digital exhibits on the themes of civilian and militaristic applications of nucleartechnology, and the universal problem of waste. As a 2021-23 Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow, this phase was generously supported by Deakin University's Contemporary Histories Research Group. The Agile Humanities Agency have beencommissioned tocustomise the web design, whereas the … Read More

Phase 4: Copyright and Open Access [completed August 2021]

With the assistance of The University of Queensland's copyright division and the Fryer Memorial Library for Australian Literature, a number of items were made open access on eSpace, the university's institutional repository. In so doing, the Antipodean Antinuclearism project became the most significant digitisation of Richard Sylvan's nuclear thought ever undertaken. This open access phase was completed in August 2021. To ensure the greatest possible accessibility, the above table may be … Read More

Phase 3: Scanning and Digitisation [completed July 2021]

As part of my 2020 Fryer Library Fellowship I was fortunate to have the assistance of a number of specialist teams within The University of Queensland who assisted me in basic scanning or professionally digitising material in three tranches. The first tranche was material to be scanned for private research purposes only, and largely consists of marginalia in material that was not authored by Richard Routley/Sylvan. As such, no copyright clearances were sought since much of this material was … Read More

Phase 2: Archival Research [completed December 2020]

Phase 2, made possible as the recipient of the2020 Fryer Library Fellowship at The University of Queensland, set out to expand upon my earlier engagement with the Richard Sylvan Papers whilst at graduate school [Phase 1]in early 2015.From this preliminary audit I uncovered four (4) previously unpublished papers as well as a further four (4) pre-publication circulated drafts of Sylvan’s nuclear thought. My ambitions for the 2020 Fryer Library Fellowship were to audit the following additional … Read More

Phase 1: Doctoral Research [completed August 2018]

Phase 1 of the Antipodean Antinuclearism project was completed whilst in graduate school at The University of Queensland's School of Politics and International Studies. In December 2018 my doctorate, The Problem of Nuclear Harm: An Ethical Ecology, was awarded at The Universityof Queensland, and subsequently earned the university's prizefor research excellence.One key component of that doctorate was a preliminary audit in early 2015 of a mere four (4) of the one-hundred and seventy-two (172) … Read More